Install google pinyin in Ubuntu 16.04

我以为 Ubuntu 17.04不是麒麟版的话又只能用英文输入法, 以前配置一个搜狗输入法累得半死。这个方法亲测有效。

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Install google pinyin in Ubuntu 16.04
1. Command line: sudo apt-get install fcitx-googlepinyin
2. System settings -> Language support -> Keyboard input method system, change to fcitx.
3. Log out log in
4. At top right, click the penguin icon -> Text entry setting
5. Click +
6. Search ‘Google’, find ‘Google Pinyin (Fcitx)’
7, Use ‘Ctrl+space’ to switch between input methods

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the city far away from the mountain seems alien world.

not only now, but also other time in a year, no matter rainstorm or…

we used to see the mountain from a building, but see the city from the mountain is rarely experienced, we are creatures living a city.

Some friends has poor taste with me.

For you

Suppose both of us are looking for the reason why the relationship between me and you turns out to be a mess recently.

I have to say I am always the one who is wondering the real answer, because I, with a humble attitude, can see things in a reasonable way and emotion control, but you, I don’t know, you are hiding your true heart from me, not willing to let me know what you are thinking actually.

We both know there is serious problem between our friendship, we try to start a talk which breaks up quiet easily. We should have tried harder to give a chance to show our true heart. Maybe I am too reasonable with our relationship, with less blind love, I become cruel with you, you said some of words I said broke your heart, at that moment, you wished that we have never met, I couldn’t apologize for that. No matter what, I don’t regret for our past experience.

You feel our heart are departing away, so do me. You think that I don’t care for you as before, yes, It’s true.

Human mind seems to remember hateful things which once made our heart cold easily,on the contrary, the effect of happiness which warmed our heart become nothing.

Thinking the difficulties you have make you annoyed and you have no idea what to do with it, and you avoid thinking it as much as possible. I choose to look the trouble in
the face, the feeling of desperation and solitude from which I suffered too many times and won’t disappear in the future, now I am figuring out a way to get along with it.

As for your marriage, you made the most reasonable choice at the present situation, best for yourself and your family.

I loved you, and I will never turn my back to you, I escape from being too enthusiastic about you, so I avoid eye contact and words, because once I expose my heart to you, the happiness at the beginning would soon become sadness lasting for long time.

My dear, I want to tell you, your behavior make me worried for you, yes, you are being spoiled with love now, which is fortunate, you need to cherish it not just with words. If you pay back with him your body and appearance instead of your charming personality and excellent ability, some day he will be tired of the life with you.

Me and you remain hope for our relationship. You still rely on me even if you once thought I broke your heart and were disappointed with me.

Monster hides in details, you promised me you will wait me downstairs in 7:00 am, I come down time, and you were not there.

Dear, we are meant to depart just like how we meet and we can do little to prevent it from happening.

Hey, what’s up? oh,can’t help

My once best friend got married yesterday. I come from Beijing to accompany her, which is my intention, but things seems doesn’t work, she and I are in a quiet tense relationship.


I tell my close friend that I was disappointed with her several times, which must have caused a bad impression of her to them.

The first night when I come here in GuangZhou, she and her boyfriend who will be husband in the next day invited me included and her families and their friends for a meal, she shelled the first shrimp and gave me it, which her elder brother reminded me that with her close family at present she gave shelled the shrimp for me. But I can’t looking into her eyes, keeping avoiding eye contact with her.

You are too cruel, you to my good, but later, you are really trying to evade me.

The wedding was held yesterday night, the look on her face tells us that this was the greatest day of her life. I had a feeling at that moment that something is meant to be.


We went to the hotel to have rest. The bridesmaid told me that my friend was frustrated and sad the night before mainly because of me.

Reflection on my academia carreer.

It’s unwise to begin to do anything without preparation, not perception of course, especially for your career, I am still filled with confusion and anxiety. 

I decided to endeavor pursuing after theoretical physics long ago depending on very limited knowledge on physics and things about it, then as I am receiving large amount of professional trainings, I become a little bit numb, not passionate anymore. I have been beaten down by difficulties. It’s extremely hard to fully understand concepts in physics, as a master candidate, I fail to live up to my expectation. Then I found something inspiring and essential from what Edward Witten had been through. pdf

There is very few respectful experts who have their own academia style by my side, with whom I seldom know their thoughts directly from themselves. So I search a lot to see what a real physicist say about. 

Anyway, by November 1974, I had just about learned enough about elementary particles that I could understand what the excitement was about and what people were saying, but not quiet enough to participate prominently…

I gained a couple of things from this experience, even though I was not able to solve the problem I wanted. One was negative. I learned the hard way what I regard as one of the most important things about doing research.One needs to be pragmatic. One cannot have too much of a preconception of what problem one aims to solve. One has to be ready to take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

Reluctantly, I had to accept that the problem of quark confinement that I wanted to solve was too difficult.To make any progress at all, I had to lower my sights considerably and consider much more limited problems.

At Harvard, I learned a lot from many of the senior professors, originally the physicists and then some of the mathematicians as well.There were certain fundamental topics in physics that I had had trouble understanding as a graduate student. I think Steve thought that many of the physicists had some of the same confusions I did. Whenever one of these topics came up at a seminar, he would give a small speech explaining his understanding. After hearing these speeches a number of times, I myself gained a clearer picture.

When one is doing research, the trick is to find a problem simple enough that one can solve it but interesting enough that solving it is worthwhile. Seiberg and I managed to do this by finding quantum field theories that were simple enough that we could solve them and subtle enough so that we could learn useful lessons by solving them. Among other things, Seiberg-Witten theory enabled me to finally make a small contribution to the understanding of quark confinement, as I had dreamed to do as a student. It is instructive to look back and realize how far out of reach this contribution would have been in my student days, when I had first worked on this problem.

Not only can we see how he manage to figure out his own way in doing physics,but also why he can manage.

Even though we have extremely conveninet way of acquring answers, we still could turn into be a wise person. On the contrary, we might become lazy in thinking and lose the ability to think.

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work


Lukas Biewald

Technology makes some types of jobs obsolete and creates other types of jobs — that’s been true since the stone age. While in the past, machines have replaced people in jobs that require physical labor, we’re increasingly seeing traditionally white collar jobs augmented by machines: financial analysts, online marketers, and financial reporters, just to name a few. Of course, these advances also create new jobs. The electronic computers that we know today, for example, replaced human beings performing the actual calculations, but in the process created all kinds of new types of work.

Artificial intelligence seems like it might work the same way, creating jobs for artificial intelligence researchers and slowly displacing all other kinds of knowledge work. And while this might be where we end up a century from now, the path to get there won’t quite look the way people think. We can see where we’re going from AI…

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surprise from IPython’s evolution

I watched the video and tried to write down what he said.  Maybe someone can help me improve it.

Q: You created IPython back in 2001, what problems were you solving
at that point?

A: Basically I was trying to switch away from using property tools to using
open tools and I want to simplify a lot of my workflows from many many
languages to use less, when I discovered Python, I realize it can replace
a lot of different tool which just one language can make it easier keep
kind of ?move workflow

Q: So you make your own things, right?
A: Yes, but what was missing in Python was a good interactive computing environment.
Python has a basic interactive shell, but doesn’t fit the kind of workflows
that needed in scientific computing.Or You want to look at script, you wanna look at
data, you wanna look at plots variables, you want change the code little bit, a
very expiatory workflow and so that being a graduate student looking for excuses
not to work on his dissertations and instead to do something more fun were the perfect
combination to start writing IPython.

Q: What surprise that you feel about IPython evolution?

A: I guess the facts precisely that something began as such a simple personal fix for
a problem in my own workflow has grown into such a large project. IPython was first
Python Program that I ever wrote and for the looks it’s going to be the last I have ever
write. Because it began as an afternoon hack and here we are at 13 years later,
and fully literature, so the fact that would be able to learn from that one use case
of a personal scientific workflow
and begins to abstract and abstract way and building extremely broad aspect tool
now serves other needs including education, publication, scientific computing at that
scale has been a really surprising and interesting path that something that was born as
?? Both and community sense. That community has been so eager to work with ?? and adopted
the projects really not my work but actually the product
of our entire community of people more talented that I am and who do all hard work.

How do IPython Notebook come about?
That was something that the current iteration that everyone uses is about our 6 times
attempt… That came from tools that existed that very widely used in scientific computing community. I was a heavy user of sistance?? Maple and Mathematica, both of which have notebooks like environments, the Mathematica once called notebooks, the Maple called work sheets, that combine the idea of having texts, mathematics, code and the results of the code all in one documents, and that’s a very natural for scientists. So from day one, when I
started the very first mini script that was IPython 001 which is about 250 lines of codes
are ready to have mentions of mathematics in it. And I was a heavy Maple and Mathematica user so we were after those ideas from early on. But neither of our technology, nor the abstractions,
nor our own understanding of our problems were ready in those early 5 prototypes were missed steps but along the way, we learned many many things, and eventually both our ??capitalizing of kind  essential ideas with the framework of the moral web with taking the bad notion and moving it over to web browser, with a lot of inspirations from project code sage, that build something in 2006 for mathematics, kind of took us to the moral??  notebook,… so it was a long road but the intention was there from the beginning, and in 2011, Brian Granger who is my Co PI in a lot of projects … was able to prototype  what became the current version over across the summer, joining the technology that was just came out online, like web sokate, like JQuery, like tornado and Z&Q, which had the time all very new, but they kind of fit perfectly in having tried So what appears like very new solution to many people is something we actually been work with and thought over 15 years.

The intention was there since the beginning as I said,But obviously it was too a big problem for me as a graduate thinking, I want something like that there was no I am gonna do, so the first cut terminal basic environment, but the first prototype
5 prototypes all of which dead ended
those dead ends were very productive, they showed us all the wrong decisions and all the things
we shouldn’t try to do. And also external technology advances the javascript were absolutely
critical the facts that tools like Gmail showed everyone that you could build highly responsive,
highly interactive environments in the web that
people would willing to use as data tools. All of the javascript technology behind made huge
difference because it was machine … was really small team to build something that exactly
production?? for many scientists.

How much programming do you feel that scientists need to know?

It varies quiet a bit depending on exactly what were doing, I think it’s important to know that
for scientists, programming has very
different flavors that adores software developers , programming is inertially exploratory, it’s
really about solving a question, it’s okay to write one scripts, and at the same time,
but scientists also need to learn how to
gradually understanding when they do need to abstract a little bit, when that data pattern
that data set going to be similar in other problems they should not be copied pasted
50 time but they should beginning moving a little bit functions and having a little
base finding a way.

Q: What you take on the notion of everyone should learn the code?

A: Why do we code? We code because we are trying to communicate with machine which does not have human
style natural intelligence how to accomplish task, and in addition I mean a dump machine, in coding
we have to
clarify to the point that dump machines can understand our thoughts process what it is we are going to do,
It means that we have to organize the process in a very precise and unambiguous way, we have to perhaps
abstract basics can be done
by using the reusable components etc, and that process of logical system organized abstract computational
thought that I think is a useful valuable skill in many context in life…


The first time to travel by air is very uncomfortable, similar feeling which I had in the playground, then I forget the lesson and did it again, It became a nightmare or a disaster moment for me.

  1. Technology. I keep telling myself, trust human technology, it also means you have faith in  your major, human did lift this nearly a hundred of tons thing, airplane,up to 10 KM of height. They have done it countless times, look,  people around you are all fine,  but it did little effect to ease my nerve.
  2. Professional. I met a very dedicated stewardess, she kept reminding others to fasten their safe belt right away when the plane is shaking and she was unable to stand firmly. Maybe it’s like anything else, she seldom feels under the water since she got enough training.Nevertheless, I dare to say when the real dangerous come, she will also do a excellent job, forgetting herself in bring service to others.
  3. Indescribable suffering. I Could hardly feel my hands, my heart seems will stop beating in no more ten seconds. It’s okay with the turbulence, but weightlessness can kill me, so horrible that I think I will faint right away. Every sound seems being amplify in my ear, I just feel so horrible that the struggling won’t last any longer since I’m losing conscience.

Children burst into screaming just for fun when the turbulence and feeling of weightlessness come while I was struggling to breathe. Many times I want to press the button to seek for help, but I was too nervous to do so. This kind of phenomenon must be rare, but it’s true.

Anyway, the mixed feeling is beyond words. Anyhow, thank god I survive. I think before I make surr my body can take it,  I won’t fly again.