A milestone in my life

When I know the result that they decide to give me the opportunity of being a PhD student.  I couldn't believe it. Out of five candidacies (including one from Peking University, one from Beijing Normal University and the other two from China Science Technology University, and me),  I am the most potential one. It's totally …

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一个做粒子物理唯象的年轻人,他报告里充满了费曼图,你或许觉得这很简单,只要算出了费曼规则,然后一切都成了定局。但他们都懂自己要去解决什么样的问题,要怎么修改拉氏量,在了解别人做过的工作,然后用成熟的方法,也就是算费曼图,去研究问题。 这也就是你为什么满眼看到费曼图。真正的工作往往使用简化的模型,因为要做工作,方法必须要有可行性。然后就表现的你做的东西很有局限性。

Hey, you, we speak the different language!

如果把一个人每天所说的话记录下来作分析,从它的用词,语言上面你就可以分析出不少东西,甚至比它自己更客观的了解它本身。 虽然google可以解决最硬的骨头,但是还不完美。比如人类追求情感的满足。我们就可以为史上有记录保存的资料建立专门的图书馆,用来让人走少一点的弯路,更好的认识感情。 小人得志最可怕。它看不见对一个有骨气的人,不吃嗟来之食,它看不见一个有品位,有潜力的人。很多小事早已经可以让我们以小见大,一些你熟知的人就是喜欢看热闹,对于即将到来的因为愚蠢导致的矛盾不去阻止,算不上真正的朋友。 平日里,不管发生什么稀罕的事,你的睡眠第一,控制意念。 把你躺下的奇妙想象转化成品味,坚定的选择

Install google pinyin in Ubuntu 16.04

我以为 Ubuntu 17.04不是麒麟版的话又只能用英文输入法, 以前配置一个搜狗输入法累得半死。这个方法亲测有效。

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Install google pinyin in Ubuntu 16.04
1. Command line: sudo apt-get install fcitx-googlepinyin
2. System settings -> Language support -> Keyboard input method system, change to fcitx.
3. Log out log in
4. At top right, click the penguin icon -> Text entry setting
5. Click +
6. Search ‘Google’, find ‘Google Pinyin (Fcitx)’
7, Use ‘Ctrl+space’ to switch between input methods

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Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work


Lukas Biewald

Technology makes some types of jobs obsolete and creates other types of jobs — that’s been true since the stone age. While in the past, machines have replaced people in jobs that require physical labor, we’re increasingly seeing traditionally white collar jobs augmented by machines: financial analysts, online marketers, and financial reporters, just to name a few. Of course, these advances also create new jobs. The electronic computers that we know today, for example, replaced human beings performing the actual calculations, but in the process created all kinds of new types of work.

Artificial intelligence seems like it might work the same way, creating jobs for artificial intelligence researchers and slowly displacing all other kinds of knowledge work. And while this might be where we end up a century from now, the path to get there won’t quite look the way people think. We can see where we’re going from AI…

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